The In Between

Written by Amy Banocy

June 4, 2021

This is the card I pulled during my weekly Coffee & Community this morning. Its meaning was so spot on, that I wanted to share, in case it helps anyone else.

I have been feeling quite a lot of anxiety lately. It’s a difficult place to be, because logically, I know that it is all coming from “what if” and “maybe” scenarios. You know, the ones that could possibly, maybe, happen in the future. None of it is rooted in reality and logically, I know this. However, it is still there and it.is.real! These are real emotions and feelings that I must acknowledge and navigate. To help me, I turn to my spiritual practices, which remind me to stay present in the now, and of my belief, that life is unfolding exactly as it is meant to and things are happening on purpose and for a greater purpose.

This can be a challenging place to be. The “in between”…the present. The space between what we know to be true from our past experiences and what we have yet to know or experience in our future. It is hard to stay in the present. To not let our mind go to the woes and worries or even the bright possibilities of the future. To not be reminded of the challenges, wins, outcomes of the past. To go nowhere, but right here. To be present with what is. To sit in it. To be still and know that the next step will be revealed to us at exactly the precise moment it is meant to be.

So, I sit in it…..and I feel it…..and as therapy, I share it…..I have cancer. My treatment is not going as planned. There have been more bumps in the road than I would like. I’m getting frustrated because of these bumps. Fear is creeping in because of these bumps and that we’re having to change paths multiple times. It is easy to let that fear take over, but I will not let it win. I will access the tools I have and channel my Flamingo spirit today. I’m reminding myself that these bumps are meant to be there. They serve a purpose, even while I may not know it or understand it. I don’t have to. It may not be mine to understand. Perhaps these bumps in my road, will teach or show a doctor something, that will in turn help someone else in the future. Who knows? For now, I will stay present, express gratitude and let my light continue to shine for others, as THAT is how I cultivate joy and abundance in my life, allowing me to fully embrace the “in between.”

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