BARING IT ALL: Reflections of My Breast Cancer F*ckery

What happens when a serial optimist faces breast cancer?

When Amy Banocy was diagnosed with breast cancer it challenged everything she knew about herself. Baring it All is an honest and vulnerable memoir, which speaks to women, caretakers, and medical professionals who want to experience a personal account of life with breast cancer.

In this book, you will discover the candid and raw emotions Amy navigated during what she refers to as her “breast cancer f*ckery”. Baring It All is an opportunity to learn more about what it’s like to walk the marathon that is breast cancer. You’ll read stories about:
* What Amy did to gain control when she started losing her hair from chemotherapy
* The emotional experience of telling her three sons she had breast cancer
* The agony of trying to decide whether to lose both of her breasts or to save one
* The never-ending fear and worry cancer has left in its aftermath

Baring it All is a must-read if you enjoy firsthand stories about human emotions and resiliency or want to better understand the emotions one might feel throughout a cancer diagnosis.

I CRIED TODAY…and it felt so f*cking good!

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but this one is pretty clear, my friend! Sometimes the sh*t women with breast cancer go through doesn’t match a bright pink, sunshiny journal. and you deserve to have a journal that alignes with your feelings. This 100-page downloadable/printable journal provides space (literally & physically) for women with breast cancer to express ALL of their emotions, not just the pretty ones. And because we know that gratitude plays an important role in maintaining a healthy perspective, there is space for that too. Because, after all, who wants to write about pain and anger, surgeries, and chemo side effects in a flowery journal?