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Written by Amy Banocy

April 1, 2021

Last night, surrounded by several of my favorite humans in the world, I did the thing!

I buzzed my hair.

I had been losing hair in clumps and decided it would be less drastic for me if I had it short, before possibly losing it all completely.

Some beautiful gifts came out of this experience…

💜 I’ve had the privilege of growing my hair long enough that I am able to donate it to someone else in need. This is so super cool to me and also very poignant, considering I have never done it before. What a timely gift the Universe plotted!

💜 My husband, my 3 sweet boys, my parents, and my best friend each cut a section of my hair. I then cut one for my sister and my nieces who were with us on Facetime (thank you technology!). These moments were so meaningful and emotional.

💜 My boys repeatedly hugged me and told me I’m beautiful and strong. Melt me!

💜 Natalie Fakhoury, who is not only a seriously talented hair stylist, but my sweet and dear friend, was able to be a part of this journey with me. She gave me hugs when I needed them, asked me throughout the process if I was doing ok and reminded me that I am a beautiful badass. Oh, and that we’re going to have a lot of fun as my hair grows back!

💜 Cancer may be taking my hair, but it’s not taking my smile, the BRAVE out of Braverman, or my ability to laugh in even the toughest times.

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