Flow Funk

Written by Amy Banocy

August 27, 2021

Hello friends! I’m dropping another honest and vulnerable post here today. I guess perhaps you’ve come to expect that from me by now?!?!

I’ve been in what I’m calling a “flow funk” lately. You know that feeling you get when you’re in the flow? Things are manifesting for you with ease, you seem to be moving effortlessly in the right direction, like the flow of the river? It feels great! For me, when I think of being in the flow, the words that come to mind are; calm, exciting, effortless, graceful, beautiful. 

So, a “flow funk”, would be the opposite. The words that come to mind are; anxious, stuck, tight, difficult, forceful. I don’t like these feelings, but they’re real and so I must work through them and allow them to move through me, like the waves move through the ocean.

I’ve been making a conscious effort to return to the practices that bring me peace, but it’s not easy. There are some identifiable things I’m anxious about, but even when I think those are in check, I sometimes find myself feeling very anxious, and I’m not even sure why. Can you relate? Man, anxiety is a big hairy beast that chooses to show up, uninvited. Even when we try to kick it out the door, it can sometimes sneak back in, viciously making its way into our minds and bodies. 

I know that in order to live the abundant and creative life I desire, peace, calm and ease are necessary and to get there, I must make some shifts in perspective, as well as my actions. Here’s what I’m doing….

  • I’m already committed to my daily morning practice (check it out here if you’re not familiar) and weekly therapy
  • I’ve started doing yoga and breath work again
  • I practice gratitude
  • I’m choosing to do things that bring me joy and fun! Life is about more than what we produce, my friends!
  • I’m choosing to listen to only podcasts and music which lift me up
  • I am repeating positive, honest mantras and affirmations
  • I’m really trying my damndest to stop comparing myself to others, to be kind to myself and remember that what I think about and what I say have tremendous power in what manifests

It’s been a challenging 8 months, filled with many gifts and lessons as well. While the majority of the time I hold a positive mindset and am in the flow, I am reminding myself that I am human, and feeling all of these things is normal. Feel, breathe, release, repeat.

My current mantra: I am excited for this shift and all that is to come my way!!!

I’d love to know what you do when anxiety is present and/or when you find yourself in a flow funk. Let’s help each other here! 

  • Photo image credit: Gabrielle Bernstein’s “The Universe Has Your Back” card deck

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