I’m a survivor…

Written by Amy Banocy

June 7, 2024

Sunday, June 2, 2024, was National Cancer Survivors Day. I had the incredible honor and privilege of hosting a private retreat for a fellow breast cancer survivor. It was a beautiful day, both the weather and the connection.

When I initially decided to host a retreat for breast cancer survivors, I planned it for June 1st. I then realized a potential conflict with that date, so I bumped it to June 2nd. It wasn’t until several weeks later that I realized I would be holding this event on National Cancer Survivors Day.

If I wasn’t sure this was the thing to be doing (which I did!), this synchronicity sealed the deal for me.

There are a few random takeaways I want to share about this retreat experience….

  • Listening to your intuition – So many times we have these great ideas, a knowing of sorts, and before we can take action, we’re talking ourselves out of the thing. It’s something I’ve been working on in my business, listening and taking action before the ego steps in and tries to come up with reasons why I shouldn’t. When I made the decision I was going to do this, I didn’t know if anyone would come, but I believed they would. I picked a date, despite June being an incredibly busy month for most, with end-of-school, vacations, and graduations. From that moment, I wouldn’t allow myself to back out. I am so incredibly glad I listened to my intuition and took quick action. Had I not, and this retreat not happened, a magical day would’ve been non-existent.
  • Not always about breast cancer – Yes, this retreat was specifically curated for breast cancer survivors. However, the majority of the work we did, didn’t focus on breast cancer. We talked about limiting beliefs, why we tell ourselves these stories, the purpose they serve (and don’t serve!), and how past traumas play a role in our lives. We meditated. We moved. It was such an honor to witness the shifts and breakthroughs that occurred for Jen. At my core, I am a women’s empowerment coach first, who specializes and chooses to focus on women in the breast cancer community. The work we do together may sometimes focus on what has been the result of a breast cancer diagnosis, but not always.
  • Follow your passion – What are you passionate about? What lights you up? Do that thing! Be a light for others. Play big! As f*cking BIG as you wish, my dear!!
  • Different, and yet so much the same – The more I speak with women in the breast cancer community, our stories are always different, and yet they carry similar or the same threads. When I meet another woman who has been through it, there is this mutual “knowing” of each other. A shared experience that forever changed who we are and how we show up in this world. This allows for such a beautiful, safe, and sacred space to be created when I coach you. There is trust in this space and it can not be broken. There is sisterhood. There is healing and transformation I help you with because I have done and continue to do “the work” myself too.

“Life is short.” You hear it all the time, but do you live and create from that space? Do you allow your intuition to guide you? If so, how much? Truly, how much? How often do you find yourself seeking outside validation for how you choose to live your life?

Here is your permission slip, my love:


I don’t know who may have needed this today, but it’s what I was guided to write. If you read this far, it is no accident. Consider what you’ve read and how it may apply to you and your life.



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