It’s more than okay!

Written by Amy Banocy

June 28, 2021

Do you allow yourself to feel all of your emotions? Even the ones that are hard? The ones that hurt? The ones that people may think are “negative emotions?”

I used to think that if I felt the sadness or the anger, I wasn’t being my positive, optimistic self, people knew me as. Through this cancer journey, I’ve learned that not only is it okay to feel these emotions, it is necessary! And on top of that, doing so, doesn’t make me any less of a positive person. We are human. Humans have emotions. We must honor them.

Without the darkness, we can not see and appreciate the light.

Without the bad, we can not see and appreciate the good.

Without the negative, we can not see and appreciate the positive.

Allow yourself to feel ALL the feelings. Sit with them. Process them. Don’t fight them. Be at peace with them.

I am mad.

I am sad.

I am grateful.

I am optimistic.

I am scared.

I am anxious.

I am happy.

I am human and my emotions are valid.

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