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Written by Amy Banocy

July 12, 2021

💜 Starting the week off with such a grateful and FULL heart! 💜

Back in February, when I was told I’d need to have chemo and the schedule was laid out, one of the first things I did was count out the weeks to see if I’d be able to go to our family beach week. This would be the 18th year for this trip and it’s extra special this year, because not everyone was able to come last year because of covid, AND, this would be my niece Lauren‘s last family beach trip before leaving for college and I wanted to spend these moments with her.

As chemo dates shifted, I continued to see how it would affect my beach week plans. At some point, I decided to LET GO and LET GOOD happen, remembering that the Universe ALWAYS has my back.

GOOD did happen!

I had chemo Tuesday and Derek and I hit the road for OBX. It wasn’t a full week, I didn’t feel good every day, it wasn’t the same beach trip, BUT, I MADE IT! I FUCKING MADE IT!!!

I was there.

I got to enjoy the sun, the sand, the ocean waves, the laughter of the kids, the smiles on all of our faces, the hugs from people I love so much, cherished moments and memories made together!

Do I hate that cancer has robbed me of some things?

Abso-fuckin-lutely! There is NO denying that!

As I look ahead to chemo tomorrow and the week ahead, I am choosing to do so with a heart of gratitude and joy.

Honor the suck. Be grateful for the gifts.

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