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Lies, lies, lies….

Written by Amy Banocy

April 20, 2021

What lies are telling yourself? What limiting beliefs might you be placing on yourself that are holding you back from your showing the world your most amazing, most authentic self?

Today, I found my way back to my spiritual practices of meditation and yoga. For some time now, I’d been telling myself that my body was just too tired and broken for the practice. I told myself this long enough, that I started to believe it. So, how did I end up on the mat today?

This morning, while really thinking about why I’ve been in a funk with writing, creating and helping others through my work, I realized it’s because I’m not giving to myself first, which ironically, is a key component of what I teach others. When I’m in tune spiritually, I am happier, more in flow, and my words come more easily, which means I’m able to help and serve others. Can you relate this to an area in your life?

So, I’ve recommitted to my practice. Realistically, I know there will be days when I will feel too weak, but rather than give in and give up, I will simply modify. I promise to take better care of me and know that I am strong enough to do so, so that I can be a light for others. I will catch myself if I begin to tell myself lies or have negative self talk, as it doesn’t serve me or those I am serving.

Are you with me?

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