Written by Amy Banocy

April 27, 2021

Yesterday was a tough one, mentally and emotionally. I had to remind myself BIG TIME that the Universe always has my back and a bigger plan than I may ever be aware of.

I’m supposed to have chemo #3 tomorrow, but my labs yesterday showed that my platelet levels are too low. They’re giving me a week to hopefully get them up.

That puts chemo #3 on May 5… my freakin birthday y’all! 😭😭

If you know me, you know I LOVE celebrating birthdays. When they told me this, my heart hurt and I immediately had tears in my eyes. I don’t want to spend my birthday sitting in an infusion chair, hooked up to drips of medicine, getting chemo all day!! I was so mad and upset!!

Thankfully, I have done the work to have the mindset I do. After honoring the anger I felt and saying a lot of fucks to the situation, I was able to shift my thinking to the positives of not having chemo tomorrow…..

💜 I would’ve felt sick (from side effects) on my birthday and now I won’t feel so crummy that day

💜 I have another week of feeling good, before I feel yucky again

💜 I can enjoy the next few days of beautiful weather, rather than being sick and in bed

💜 There is a greater plan at work and a reason I’m not meant to be in that chair tomorrow

So, while this was a gut-punch and a reminder that I am not in control of so much right now, it was also a reminder that the Universe ALWAYS has my back, so long as I have faith and trust.

What are you experiencing right now that is calling for you to surrender and put your trust in the Universe?

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