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A little about me…

Written by Amy Banocy

January 6, 2021

I thought it would be appropriate to introduce myself a bit, as some of you may not know me.
So, here’s the scoop….

I’m a mom of 3 incredible boys (A -16y ears old, J – 12 y.o. and Z – 7 y.o.) and wife of 19 years to
an amazing man (Derek). We live just outside Washington DC, in Alexandria, VA.

Before Covid, you could find me most days, sitting at a coffee shop, people watching and typing
away. I love people! And I love coffee! And I love writing! Gosh, I really miss those days and
can’t wait to have them back again. For now, I’ll sip coffee at my kitchen table or desk and write
from home.

A few of the things I love/cherish the most, which will likely make their way into this blog:
my friends, my family, self-care, personal development, positive mindset, reading, coffee and

In recent years, I’ve really turned inward and focused on what it is I am truly here to do. I know
that my calling in this life is to help heal the world, in my unique way. I do this by teaching
women how to live a life of abundance, joy and compassion. I focus on women, because I truly
believe that when you give a woman the tools to do something positive, she will be unstoppable,
which will lead to a domino effect of greatness.

I am what many call a multi-faceted entrepreneur. What does that mean? It means I achieve my
calling of helping women, through multiple ways, which compliment each other and my goals. I
own a business with a skincare company in the direct selling channel, and I am also a speaker,
author and facilitator. I’ve learned many valuable lessons throughout this entrepreneurial
journey, many of which will likely become entries here on this blog.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t also share that I am an autoimmune warrior and was recently (12/30/20)
diagnosed with breast cancer. I share this here, as they are important pieces of my journey, will
continue to be, and I’m certain they will show up in my writing.
I’m so glad you’re here and look forward to having you on this road forward with me.


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