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Written by Amy Banocy

September 22, 2021

Where am I being called to be courageous and brave?  Is there a personal or public place I’m being called to leadership?  What must I face in order to step into leadership?

This was a recent writing prompt and WOW….did it hit home for me!!! I’ve been feeling called to be even more vocal and share my writing more, as a way to impact change and serve others. Many times, I will write and then second guess whether to publish it to the blog or share it with others. That was what happened after writing my recent blog about Rosh Hashanah. I was AFRAID of putting my opinion and thoughts out in the world. I went back and forth about whether to make it a blog entry. In the end, I thought, what the hell, and hit publish. 

My mom read that post and shared it on social media. The feedback I’ve received from others who’ve read that post, has been incredible. It made me feel so good to know that my words resonated with others and that perhaps, they felt less alone after reading my thoughts. In some small way, I made an impact. Knowing that, how can I not keep sharing? 

I have so many things swirling around in my head that I want to talk about through this blog and other platforms. So many, that I honestly don’t even know where to start. Maybe you can help?

Here are some things that are on my mind and I’m brewing to write about…..some are much deeper than others 😉 …..

  • The divisiveness in our country and the lack of emotional intelligence I’m observing
  • The recent abortion law in Texas 
  • Body Image – especially for women and girls
  • Sharing the process of writing my current book – I think it would help me with accountability and also be fun, to take you on this book writing journey with me
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Breast Cancer awareness
  • Marriage and family
  • Mental Health – there’s SO much around this topic!
  • Life as an entrepreneur – the real deal and it ain’t always pretty!
  • How I’ve created healthier habits over the recent years
  • Spirituality and connection to something bigger than ourselves
  • The haze of coming out of covid/the past 18 months)
  • Ted Lasso!!! – anyone else absolutely LOVING this show???

I can feel this burning in my belly and my soul, that I need to share my words and thoughts. In order to rise to this, I must step into bravery, every time I write and hit the damn publish button.

I’d love to know what YOU’D like me to write about. Any of the topics above? Something else? Please share! I’m all ears. 

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