Mental Health

Written by Amy Banocy

May 26, 2021

Both of the pictures in this post are from the same day.

This is me. Anxious as hell. My stomach in knots. My body shaky. Crying and not sure even exactly why. I mean, sure, there are the obvious reasons, but there are so many thoughts running through my mind, that I can’t begin to determine what’s really the reason. This is anxiety. Perhaps you can relate?

I’ve dealt with anxiety and depression since my teens and many times, it got the best of me. It’s taken many years, many therapists and a shit ton of work and growth (and still a lot to go!), and I am really beginning to know how to honor my emotions, really feel them, share them with others, and do things that make me feel good. For that, I am so grateful!

Life is hard y’all. We don’t always have to be strong and tough. Find the people who bring you strength and love and surround yourself with them. Be real with them. So many of us struggle with our mental health and many do so in silence. My hope is that this glimpse into the reality of someone who most people consider to be pretty “happy”, “positive”, “up” all the time, will remind you that you are not alone. And if you don’t think you have someone to talk to, think again, my friend… you do, I’m right here whenever you need me 💜.

This is me too. Grateful as hell, after hours of talking and laughing with the Braverman 4.

Life is beautiful, even though it’s hard.

Without the dark, we can’t see the gift of the light.

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