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Written by Amy Banocy

July 2, 2022

2 years ago I joined a group called RAW (Re-Awakening Wisdom Daily), facilitated by Alisha Wielfaert, Founder of Yoke and Abundance. We meet on zoom every morning to start our day with journaling, reflection and holding space for one another as we talk about some of life’s most exciting and challenging experiences. 

When I joined RAW, I wanted a consistent morning routine and a way to spark my creativity, while being in community with other women during the pandemic. I never could have imagined the relationship and bonds of sisterhood that would be formed with the other women. They have become my go-to’s for so many of life’s challenging moments.

After 2 years on zoom, I had the opportunity to meet several of these women in person for the  first time! The experience of wrapping my arms around them and feeling their love vibrating back to me, was truly magical!!

When I started RAW, I never could have imagined it becoming what it has for me. These women have become my chosen sisters for life and we share a bond like no other I’ve ever experienced. 

In December 2020, when I was told I needed breast biopsies and when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, my RAW sisters were some of the first to know and they held me in love. All virtually. These beautiful women have walked alongside me throughout my cancer fuckery and much more. They provide space for me and all of my deepest emotions. They don’t judge. They don’t try to make it all better or tell me it’ll be okay. They listen. They cry with me. They get angry with me. They don’t give me advice, They support me and my dreams. And in return, I do the same for them. It is truly the most beautiful relationship I’ve ever witnessed between a group of women. It is exactly the deep connection I will be working to create and foster, when I launch The Dragonfly Collective, for women with breast cancer.

You can only imagine how it felt and what a gift it was, to finally wrap my arms around these women and experience their energy in person. The way we embraced and cried and screamed when we met, you’d have thought we’d known one another our entire lives. It was magical! Yesterday, after days filled with joy, love, tears, laughs and making memories, I hugged them goodbye. Next week, we will return to seeing one another in our little zoom squares. It will never be the same. The energy through that screen has forever been amplified by us meeting in person and experiencing this time together.

RAW sisters – I love you and I am forever grateful!

If you’re looking for a community like this and want to be the first to know when The Dragonfly Collective is open, sign up here. I can’t wait to keep you posted!

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